Our Vision

Our school gives a glimpse of our vision through its emblem, which is derived from a star. It symbolizes the shining splendor inherent in every child. Our star child carries a book and a paintbrush in his right hand which indicates knowledge and art.

Kicking the football with the right foot symbolizes sports, an essential part of education for keeping the child physically and mentally fit. The torch in the left hand depicts the purpose of education, i.e., disperse light to the world and to seek truth and enlightenment. The wreath on the forehead represents laurels, medals, trophies and winning achievements. The left foot forward depicts intense desire and determination to stride ahead. In short, our emblem depicts- Care, Capacity, and Capability.

  • Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers.

  • Where the vision is ten years cultivate trees.

  • Where the vision is eternity cultivate people.

  • With this vision, we aim at giving strength to our students and train them to not to follow the crowd. Here we teach them to listen to all but to filter all they hear on a screen of truth and take only the good that comes through.

  • “Above all, we teach a child to have sublime faith in himself because only then he will have sublime faith in mankind”.

Our Mission

To shape the young into responsible and reliable individuals. To provide top class educational infrastructure and amenities. To have an enviable teaching faculty who are not only competent but also professional and works as a team keeping in mind to provide the best teaching approach. To enroll a skilled faculty, who removes the drudgery of academic teaching, makes it challenging and interesting leading to systematic and logical thinking. To instill in our students confidence, discipline, and self- esteem. To inculcate in the young a positive attitude, teamwork and a strong sense of patriotism. To make the students excel in the Sports Activity of their choice with a sense of true sportsmanship. To awaken in the young their artistic and creative mood. To instruct the young in leadership qualities. To prepare them to face the future with wisdom and strength successfully overcoming any trials that comes their way.