Pre - Primary Wing

“Children are the essence of Life”

“Children are born Learners”. They use their senses to explore, experience everything they come in contact with. In fact, if you have observed some children at play they will first try, and break a toy, and later try to assemble it to see the working system of that toy. This is the creativity within them which needs to be enhanced thus helping the children to be productive. The inquisitiveness, curiosity, and the desire to do will grow with guided activities, channelized energizers, and the involvement of care takers which gradually leads to spontaneous learning.

Our basic aim is to provide a friendly and loving atmosphere to children so that they move about freely, mingle with peer groups, learn by fun, discuss, share every moment of the day with hands on activities, and fun filled programs preparing them for a world in which lifelong learning is imperative.

At indore public school jhabua campus, we as educators and teachers follow the holistic approach to teaching and learning as this approach recognizes the connectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Childhood is all about enchanting experiences, endless fun, a time to be joyful at home, and at school, and an era of imagination. Connecting home and school makes us great community learners. Every child is a gift of nature. Give them their TODAY to make way for their future.

Primary Wing

The role of primary education is to ensure the broad-based development of students. This means ensuring that all students are able to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, cultural, and physical skills to the best of their abilities, preparing them for their further school career. Carrying out this task places demands on a school’s structure, teachers, school leaders, and parents.

A further requirement for the good development of students is education that sets challenging targets for every student. We at indore public school Jhabua Campus strongly believe in this, therefore it is important that school adopts an outcome-oriented approach, to follow which students, and school performance is regularly evaluated, and we strongly believe in this, at indore public school Jhabua Campus. This approach makes it possible to respond quickly if students or groups indore public school Jhabua Campus of students need either extra help or more of a challenge; individual tailoring can be provided.

At indore public school Jhabua Campus, we aim to provide quality education in order to nurture, and shape excellent human beings along with inculcating the values of the institution Care, Capacity, and Capability. This is equally reflected in the performance of our students.

Looking back, the school has been bustling with a range of activities in this session with the staff, and students showing enthusiasm towards new ventures. We provide personalized attention to our students, and encourage them to involve themselves in variegated activities both curricular, and extracurricular.

Middle Wing

We believe that most middle school students want an education that’s engaging, meaningful, and relevant to them. As they progress toward high school, and beyond, they recognize the benefit of being able to apply new information, and skills to real life situations. We recognize that communication skills, critical thinking, collaboration, and cultural competency are critical for success. Therefore, at indore public school Jhabua Campus, our Teachers aim to provide holistic education for the overall development of a child’s personality, and to achieve this goal, we focus on helping our students to –

Learn How to Learn

We also help creating an environment where students direct and monitor their own learning.>Think Critically and Solve Complex ProblemsStudents apply tools and techniques gleaned from core subjects to formulate and solve problems, which includes data analysis and scientific inquiry, as well as, creativity, outside-the-box thinking, and persistence.

Work Collaboratively

Students collaborate in identifying problems and creating solutions as they work on various projects and activities.

Communicate Effectively

Students organize information, data, findings, and thoughts, and communicate them effectively using various media.

Develop Cultural Competence

Students develop cultural competence in ways that enable them to work effectively with diverse people in diverse settings.

Master Project-Based Learning Process

Students will develop the necessary skills to work individually and with others on projects, especially those involving longer time frames and greater complexity.

Master 21st Century Skills

In addition to mastering core academic, we help our students to master a range of 21st century skills i.e. Collaboration and teamwork, Creativity and imagination, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Flexibility and adaptability, Global and cultural awareness, Information literacy and leadership.

Senior Wing

Senior school is a time for teens to learn valuable skills for life from peers and professionals. School days fill time with fun, informational activities, and prepare teens for the world of work. We at indore public school Eastern Campus, believe high school education is important, but most of all it is a means to achieve long-term goals and feel a sense of pride in accomplishment.

To become a fully functioning, self-actualized person, we aim towards a balanced personality of the student exposing him/her to academics, and co-curricular activities, and encouraging him/her to excel in both the fields, in order to provide, and create a learning environment that promotes academic excellence to the overall development of all learners. Teachers are regularly updated with new trends in educational technologies. Our teachers at the Senior School strive to mould our students.

To form global citizens with efficiency, character and commitment. Become actively aware of the larger world, asking significant and relevant questions about the world wrestling with big ideas, and questions for which there may not be one right answer. Be able to think rationally and critically, and express thoughts clearly.

Read deeply to independently gather, assess, and interpret information from a variety of sources, and read avidly for enjoyment and lifelong learning. Use digital tools to explore, communicate, and collaborate with the world, and learn from the rich, and varied resources available. Be a good steward of the earth, and its resources, and a wise and intelligent consumer of the wide array of goods and services available. Understand, and use the major concepts, skills, and tools of inquiry in the areas of health and physical education, language arts, world languages, mathematics, natural and physical sciences, and the social sciences. Explore music, art, and dance, and recognize their importance for personal growth and learning. Develop his/her strengths, particular skills, talents, or interests, and have an emerging understanding of his or her potential contributions to society, and to personal fulfillment.

Recognize, articulate, and make responsible, ethical decisions concerning his/her own health and wellness needs. Respect and value the diverse ways people look, speak, think, and act within the immediate community and around the world. Develop the interpersonal and social skills needed to learn, work, and play with others harmoniously, and confidently. Assume responsibility for his or her own actions, and be cognizant of, and ready to accept obligations for the welfare of others. Understand local, national, and global civic responsibilities, and demonstrate active citizenship through participation in endeavors that serve and benefit those larger communities.