Frequently Asked Questions

School is an inclusive and collaborative learning environment, which focuses on developing the whole child at every level of development. By providing state-of-the-art learning facilities and fully espousing the CBSE’s Learner Profile and its core philosophy. ips enables students to pursue well-rounded academic excellence besides academics, good learning is also about enjoying the experience of life as a whole through the arts, athletics, outreach and much more.

No ips does not have any application deadlines for student admissions. We have a rolling admissions policy, and we will accept applications around the year as long as places are available. Admissions will also be made around the year, subject to vacancies and availability of space in the concerned classes.

We meet with every family who applies to ensure that ips is a good fit for the child, the family, and the school. No Admission Test till class III Admission Test for classes IV to IX and XI.

The fee structure is available to any parents who visit the school. We are proud of our school and we want parents to visit and get a feel for the place before they make decisions based on finances.

Yes, Milk Break is provided for all students. Students are allowed to bring food from home when they come to school if they have special dietary requirements. We want everyone to eat healthy. All teachers are made aware of the allergies or dietary restrictions of individual students

Yes , only if the child has medical reasons he / she can bring lunch from home. Although it is advisable that the child should bring , vegetarian meal only. We recommend that parents pack healthy lunches. We ask parents to support the School's programme to promote healthy food and to educate children about the benefits of a healthy diet.